IWBDA 2020

Nona Research Foundation Contributions and Takeaways

As mentioned earlier, the 2020 – 2021 BDAthlon will be co-run by the Bio-Design Automation Consortium and the Nona Research Foundation. As an organization, the Nona Research Foundation will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Curating software project ideas from IWBDA 2020 in a standardized format

  • Planning and hosting Development Summits throughout the duration of the BDAthlon

  • Distributing Milestone Awards to deserving teams

  • Providing general support for teams throughout the course of the BDAthlon

  • Identifying maintenance plans for projects at the conclusion of the BDAthlon

  • Identifying development plans for projects curated at IWBDA 2020 but not pursued during the BDAthlon

At the end of the BDAthlon we aim to have a collection of new software projects that can be added to the current list of tools that Nona houses. In doing so, Nona gains the following:

  • Additional influence within the synthetic biology software space

  • Experience in supporting projects, especially those at early phases in their life cycle

  • Understanding of the needs of the open source community

  • Opportunity to define problems and potential projects for the open source community

  • Experience in planning and running large-scale events

  • Opportunity to showcase promising projects