IWBDA 2020

BDAthlon Tracks

To help guide the types of software projects, we will implement tracks for the BDAthlon. The selected tracks for this year’s BDAthlon include the following:

  • Design – Build – Test – Learn Pipelines

  • Lab Automation

  • Microfluidics

  • Circuits & Models

  • Open track

These tracks reflect areas within synthetic biology and design automation that Nona and the Bio-Design Automation Consortium believe would benefit greatly from innovative open source software tools. These tracks will be used to guide the IWBDA 2020 Special Session as we curate project ideas for the BDAthlon. To account for potential project ideas that don’t fit defined tracks we have also created an Open track to ensure that teams have the ability to pursue problems they are interested in. Based on how teams self-organize and distribute themselves between the tracks during Development Summit #1, Nona and the Bio-Design Automation Consortium will develop a judging rubric for judging final projects during IWBDA 2021. Additionally, the distribution of teams amongst the tracks will also influence how Nona and the Bio-Design Automation Consortium hand out ranked awards at IWBDA 2021.


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