The Nona community aims to bring together academic and research groups adept at designing software and carrying out research-based activities with others who can ensure a fluid exchange of ideas and tools among scientists.

In keeping with this aim, Nona makes a promise to the community regarding its trademarked software:

As a 501 (c) (3) public-benefit organization, the Nona Research Foundation does not face the same constraints as academic institutions in clearing the rights for software or contributing them to the public domain. Nona will never make any of its trademarked software proprietary. Everyone will have access to be the full set of open source tools available.

Submit Software: Got Software? Consider making it open source – and know it will have a safe home with Nona.

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Find Projects: Nona’s curated software repository to see if someone else has already solved your problems for you. Nona hopes to empower all community members to be makers and creators rather than passive recipients. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, no matter what skill level. Code in Nona’s archive needs testing, bug reports, user documentation, and code examples.

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