Nona’s goal is to provide community based resources to make the open source software environment in synthetic biology a global success.

Nona Research Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public-benefit organization founded in 2013 by researchers to address the challenges posed by the rapidly growing complexity of software in the synthetic biology community.

Nona intends to set up an online hub, organize related national events and programs, and hold local meetings where software developers, researchers, students, and interested third parties come together to share needs and experiences. Through these activities, Nona will serve as a clearinghouse for knowledge and emerging research helping to accelerate the creation of powerful new open source tools for synthetic biology and bio-design automation. The network aims to bring together academic and research groups adept at designing software and carrying out research-based activities, with others who can ensure broad distribution to make these advances widely available and useful to participants around the country.